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Health Impact Assessment

HIA is a decision making tool for healthy public policies. Thailand has laid the foundation of HIA on the legislations and the working mechanism. As a result, HIA is stated in the Constitution in 2007 and the National Health Act in 2007.

The Commission on HIA System Development consisting of National Health Commission Office, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Federation of Thai Industries, local government, people sector and academia, are in place in 2008. Apart from developing HIA system in Thailand, the Commission also develops the HIA rule and procedure.

Knowledge generation of and capacity building on HIA is still limited to the increasing demand of using HIA for a decision making. National Health Commission Office in collaboration with 8 universities in Thailand set up HIA consortium in 2011 in order to do research, develop HIA curriculum in piloted university, and conduct multidisciplinary HIA in some health and environment affected areas.

The people centric, not an expert centric perspective of HIA in Thailand make the HIA process participatory. Local government and community becomes the strategic actor to develop and implement healthy public policies at the community level. As a result, capacity building for them on HIA is provided by Ministry of Public Health and National Health Commission Office on a continuous basis.