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Health Public Policy

The first international conference on health promotion was held in Ottawa, Canada in 1986. At that conference, the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion was launched. Building healthy public policy is one of the five strategies on health promotion.

The aim of health policy is to create a supportive environment to enable people to lead healthy lives. Such a policy makes health choices possible or easier for citizens. It makes social and physical environments health-enhancing. The policy makers should be accountable for the health consequences of their policy decisions. They should pay as much attention to health as to economic considerations.

Healthy public policy is not necessary to be formulated by the government. The 2007 National Health Act opens a space for all parties – government, local government, bureaucrats, politicians, NGOs, private sector, academic, media, community and individual - to take part in developing a healthy public policy.
Stipulated in the National Health Act, health assembly and health impact assessment are the key processes of developing a healthy public policy. In fact, there are other mechanisms and processes as follows.

1.  Developing HPP in a form of an issue based commission at a national level. At present, 2 commissions are set up in charge of the following issues.
     1.1  National Commission on Health Workforce in charge of driving the 10-year strategic plan on health workforce from 2007 – 2016 into action.
     1.2  National Commission on Local Health Wisdom Development in charge of driving the 5-year strategic plan on the development of local health wisdom  from 2007 – 2011 into action.

2.  Developing HPP in a form of a network. The agriculture and food network led by the sustainable agriculture development foundation is currently moving forward the food safety policy.

3.  Developing HPP in collaboration with an educational institution. 2 educational institutions are in active.
     3.1  Khon Kaen University led by the Research and Development Institute
     3.2  Mahidol University led by Dr. Churnrurtai Karnchanachitra