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Health Statute

The reform of national health system in a harmonized and unified manner is the great commitment and a will power of the society. The Statute on National Health System - as  a part of the national health system reform – is being developed meaningfully. When the public collectively move the Statute forward and apply it to build the wellbeing of the nation, the Statute will illuminate its pride.  

As a frame and a joint direction, “Statute on the National Health System of 2008” can be applied in several ways. It can apply to strategy, policy, guideline, reference and implementation on the health of the citizen.  It can also be applied at any levels of jurisdiction - province, district, sub-district and community - and any levels of local government – provincial administrative organization, municipality, tambon administrative organization. Either public or private organization can apply the statute.

The process of developing the Statute gives an importance to the involvement of all parties in an equal and systematic manner. Its academic content never overlooks an ethic part. This is where science meets art. When the broad public takes part in sharing their information and voicing the concerns, the Statute becomes a public asset of Thai society.

The Statute on the National Health System shaped up to its power when being submitted to the 1st National Health Assembly in 2007 and further to National Health Commission in the same year. Finally, the Cabinet, the members of the Senate and that of the House of Representative approved it respectively in 2008.

Published in the Government Gazette, the Statute is a legislation binding upon government agencies. It is the first Statute in accordance with the National Health Act.