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Humanized Thailand

The economic led growth development, which simply disregards culture and moral, causes an unbalanced development. This development direction is not an answer for the well-being of the Nation and its people. To gear the national development into the right direction, we should apply the sufficiency economy philosophy initiated by H.M King Bhumibol as a guiding principle.

The sufficiency economy philosophy is incorporated in the 2007 National Health Act. Health in the Act is far beyond physical health, but the well-being, which integrates in all dimensions of life. With this reason, National Health Commission Office (NHCO) has initiated a “Humanized Thai Strategy” to encourage Thai citizens to pursue the righteous development with respect of individual dignity.

NHCO plays a role in recognizing and radiating the work of the public-minded individuals, organizations and networks to the public. This approach gives a moral support those who do good things to the society. At the same time, raises the spirit of those who want to do good things. Social communication is hence significant to the strategy. Good stories are collected nationwide and uploaded on an on-line databank to share to the public.