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NHCO aspires to synergize cooperation from state agencies, academics and general public including civil society organizations and private sector to build healthy public policies for the wellbeing of the Nation and its people


Synergy for Wellbeing


NHCO has six scopes of missions as follows;
     1. Encouraging the participatory healthy public policy development on the health care and giving helpful advices to a cabinet, local administrations and community organisations in order for the materialisation of the policies.
     2. Promoting the public awareness on the rights and responsibilities on the health system stipulated in the National Health Act (B.E.2550).
     3. Accelerating the preparation process of the statute on the national health system so as to set guidelines on the health-related policies and strategies.
     4. Pushing for the social movement for rights to health and public wellbeing.
     5. Supporting the area-based, issue-based and national health assemblies in order to provide opportunity for all pertinent parties to play a role in the health-related issue.
     6. Providing full support for the health impact assessment as it is regarded as a major instrument for public policy development