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Volunteer's spirit at the NHA

Volunteer's spirit at the NHA

Volunteers from Thammasat University

The Health Assembly is “a process in which the relevant public and State agencies exchange their knowledge and cordially learn from each other through a participatory and systematically organized forum, leading to recommendations on Healthy Public Policies or Public Healthiness.” excerpted from the book Health Assembly: New Mechanism for participatory Healthy Public Policy Development.

As opportunity came across, we, students of Thammasat University from Thammasat Volunteer Center, were more than happy to join, again, The 3rd National Health Assembly of Thailand 2010, which was organized by the National Health Assembly Organizing Committee in compliance with the 2007 National Health Act,  as volunteers to help run the assembly. Eighty volunteers were assigned for the requirement, which was further divided into departments. One of them was us, the reception department for foreign participants. Ten volunteers were employed here, for this task. 

On the first day, we worked enthusiastically and excitedly since we were still waiting to see the anticipated things, and face the problems we knew that it is just round the corner. We were separated so that the entire region is covered. Our preliminary work was escorting the participants to the registration and Escap Hall (the main conference hall), and showed them their seats. Apart from this, some of us had other responsibilities such as supporting National Health Assembly Exhibition and One Stop Service (OSS). After working there for three days, we learnt many things that we never did in classrooms. It exposed us to experience that is very impressive to us.

Of all, best thing we got was friends. We got along with one another really well. Starting as strangers, we all joined to become one and worked together, solved problems, communicated, divided and assigned ourselves to work, dealt with time, participant’s demand and temper, and at the end of the day, without realizing, we became united  and this cordiality will be in our memories forever.
The chance that we had to work in the United Nations was unique. It is a big international organization and it meant a lot to us. Not very many have had such great opportunities. It kicked up the urge and inspired us all become a part of such organizations. It helped us to dare to think, dream and set higher goals because we all believe that “Inspiration can make it all happen”

We also had the chance to work with professionals like the staff members of The National Health Commission Office, Thailand. They are all very kind, friendly and helpful. From this job, we have learnt to be patient, thoughtfully kind among colleagues, become united and caring of people cordially, especially, with the participants in this conference regardless nationality, race or religion. We devoted the effort and tenacity to make them comfortable so that they could do benefit from this conference to its potential, which in turn, will benefit friends and family of our nation.

Although we, sometimes, made mistakes, we learnt from them by adapting and solving it and become more efficient. Moreover, helping foreigners who participated in NHA conference earned us good practice of English. It made  us  more  confident  in communicating  with foreigners which  was  fun  and  a challenging  experience.

As the benefit never ends, we gained knowledge of the current affairs of our nation, in the field of public health, and were delighted to see the cooperation of the governmental and non-governmental organizations uniting as a Thai, employing all their knowledge having public benefits as their prime objective. National Network Organizations and general people have realized the importance of health. They have claimed their rights, which is legislated in the constitution. All these efforts show that Thai people care and are willing to help one another in facing problems. Ultimately, this will improve Thai people’s standard of living in the future.

Everything began with one small step. If no one were to devote their time and effort to carry it forward, success would not have been achieved today. We are proud to be a part of the devotees. We did not play our roles as protagonists, but the agendas have been pushed forward and the nation is about to change for the betterment. And this is what we are concerned, and understand, to be the role of a volunteer, that is to ‘work for social benefits.’



The list of volunteers in the reception department for foreign participants
1.    Mr. Adithep Chawla, Faculty: Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
2.    Ms. Chanikan Jindarak, Faculty of Laws                        
3.    Ms. Chlitporn Sriradej, Faculty of Laws                                      
4.    Ms. Wanida Khamrang, Faculty of Laws                          
5.    Mr. Suphat Phoophanichjareonkul, Faculty of Laws                                 
6.    Ms. Napasorn Limchamreon, Faculty of Laws                                                    
7.    Mr Aniwat Prathuangyukhan, Faculty of Laws                                                    
8.    Ms. Naruemon Meeshugorn, Faculty of Laws                                                 
9.    Mr. Vijit suteeratanapimrom, Faculty of Economics
10.  Ms. Sujanya Sujaritsrichaikul, Faculty of Economics