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Work in the New World

Work in the New World

May 2015

The world is not the same. It has changed. Countries are not separate, and neither are their markets. They are all connected in the “One World One Market” fashion.

Information technology and globalization have connected everything in the way that has never happened before. The whole world has been connected in four ways.

The first one is physical connectivity. Countries are linked. Their borders are blurred. Travels among countries have never been so convenient.

The second is human connectivity. People communicate with one another so conveniently and the communications concern various issues, groups and dimensions.

The third is institutional connectivity. Fields, sectors, institutions, organizations and groups are connected. Their roles and work are integrated and related in many dimensions.

The fourth is the virtual connectivity that happens through social media. A large amount of virtual communities have been developed in accordance with interests, issues and segmentations.

Transport, communication, contacts and connectivity of all forms, objectives, times and areas happen quickly and easily. Connectivity is now global. People in any sector, field, organization or group that have narrow vision, think and act slowly and are trapped in frameworks, regulations, rules and their own perceptions will make fewer achievements. Connectivity and synergy will improve, increase, accelerate and expand work. Requests for organizational expansion, bigger workforces, more money and higher power may not result in more work than having more friends, raising participation and supporting one another.

Under the National Health Act, mechanisms and processes to push for healthy public policies were designed especially to promote the participation of all sectors to reach the common goal that is well-being society. This really gets along well with the new direction of the world.

Amphon Jindawatthana 

Secretary General 
National Health Commission