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A Goodbye Message

A Goodbye Message

June 2016

I have worked on the health system reform for 16 years since I was a director of the National Health Reform Office (over 7 years) until I have obtained the Secretary-General of the National Health Commission (over 8 years). That’s quite a long time.

The chance of taking this noteworthy mission has taught me enormously.  

I have got much more colleagues and friends as well as various networks from the community level up to the national level. I have got an opportunity to be a member of National Legislative Assembly (2006 – 2008), to join the national reform movement as a leading supporter (2010 – 2011) and to be a member of the National Reform Steering Assembly (2015 – Present). These are the works magnifying from the health system reform that I am responsible to.

This is a fortune of my life. 

Any works I have done, whether completed, partly completed or not completed, I have not done alone. Many people join – share idea and work together – as a network or a partner. These works are not owned by any one or any specific organizations, but we all own the works.

Unlike a bureaucratic system that I used to work long time ago

Let’s me take this opportunity to thank all of you whom join these works including my untiringly for supporting and facilitating me to complete my term as the Secretary-General of the National Health Commission on 30th June 2016. 

The Health system reform still continues;
The National reform is a long way to go and likely never-ending.  

As a role of the Secretary-General of the National Health Commission, I have to say good bye for now, but not forever.

Amphon Jindawatthana 

Secretary General 
National Health Commission