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Youth Volunteer: Launching good deeds

      As daybreaks over the hills on Ban Maesamai Village, Pong Yang sub-district, Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai province, volunteer members of the Youth Volunteer (or YV) project begin reforestation activities together. This is the first activity of “Teng” Atit Chusakultanachai, a youth volunteer from Bangkok who came across an invitation for volunteers posted on a website, the communication tool of the new generation. This enabled him to discover new experiences firsthand which can’t be felt in cyberspace.


Loving Kindness Volunteers: Giving love to society

      Many small pebbles put together can create a great mountain, many small steps can reach a great distance spanning thousands of kilometers, and many small actions performed with loving kindness can create a wonderful world full of smiles. Small deeds of kindness can result in great things.


Mr. Saner Intarangsee: A Good Samaritan injured in the line of duty.

“Goodwill made me fearless… I expected nothing in return. I can do good deeds both in front of others and in private.”
      These are the words of Mr. Saner Intarangsee, a volunteer taxi driver of Sor Wor Por 91. Mr. Saner is 47 years old and was injured while providing help to a victim on the superhighway after he called in to inform the incident with the SWP 91 radio station. He decided to park his car on the right hand lane in front of the damaged vehicle. He believed the driver must have been injured and unable to help himself but as he was opening the left passenger door, another car hit him and left him unconscious.


Ruam Duay Chuay Kan: Uniting to Help One Another

      A wise man said that many small streams, even flowing in different directions, can connect and unite into a large lake. Mr. Boonsong Poonsawast would certainly understand this adage. Mr. Boonsong is a taxi driver. His duties were to pick up and drop off passengers at their destination in exchange with a small meter fee, after which he would seldom meet them again.


Bann Na Mafeung: Real happiness on earth and in life

“Hello, please go to have some rest inside the room”. When we stepped into the public health center, we heard the voice and suddenly turned around. It’s the voice of Mr. Khamkong Amatmontri, the mayor of Na Mafeung Sub-District. All the villagers here know him as “Phor Khamkong of Na Mafeung Village”. This elderly man in about 50-60 years of age welcomes us with a big smile on his face at the front of Na Mafeung public health center. He seems overjoyed when visitors arrive and greets all with a cheerful “Hello” without waiting for guests to say it.