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05/03/08 : Fostering Seeds of Spirituality to Remedy Society

NHCO / Story of the Month  / 05/03/08 : Fostering Seeds of Spirituality to Remedy Society

In this chaotic world, countless lives are struggling hard to make ends meet and to satisfy their endless greed only to find that they are trapped in a pool of suffering and in a the state of downtrend.

One can find a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel, a light that can soothe the melancholy hearts with a short message of encouragement or even a small benevolent act pouring directly from the heart.With a vision for mental health among Thai people, the National Health Commission Office organized a special activity, titled Pouring Love to Society, in February at Dhurakijpundit University in an effort to open a forum for volunteers to exchange their experiences for a case study concerning Voluntary Work. The session was kicked off as Dr. Prawes Wasi, a senior citizen and guest speaker, talked about the activity. He reiterated that the Pouring Love to Society activity could start within the health system first. He cited an example of many doctors who pay attention only to the diagnosis of patients diseases but never care for their mental health, inner feelings, or even their personal life and family. He suggested that doctors should give heedful attention to both body and mind of the patient. Furthermore, he mentioned that as each of us are directly connected to society and our society should consist of humanitarian hearts.       Our society today is directly linked to the global trend which revolves around materialism, consumerism, and capitalism. This trend has taken its toll with an increase in selfishness, severe competition, and ceaseless bickering. We have found that when people discover their own happiness stemming from their good heart, they are willing to wholeheartedly share it with others and their consumption of material goods will be automatically reduced. They will resort to genuine happiness in life — spiritual happiness, he said.Dr. Prawes explained how people in society demand and eagerly seek an ideal world enshrouded with sincere human hearts; this means hospitality, loving-kindness, s