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Issued-based Health Assembly

NHCO / Issued-based Health Assembly

Issue-based Health Assembly (IHA)

Health Assembly is a process and platform of developing participatory public policy based on wisdom. It seek to bring together three sectors – the government sector the academia sector and the people sector – from health and non health background – to dialogue for healthy public policies and solutions

Evidence support and inclusive participation are incorporate throughout the process starting from agenda setting, resolution drafting, stakeholder and public consultation, resolution adoption, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Issue-based Health Assembly is convened based on a specific issue. At present, 7 issues apply the process of health assembly to seek the consensus or to develop public policies. The 7 issues includes development of national health information system, draft bill on reproductive health protection, traditional medicine strategy, nanotechnology strategy on safety and ethics, health workforce educational reform, national strategic plan on health promotion at the end of life (2014-2016)