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NHA Resolutions

NHCO / NHA Resolutions

NHA16- 2023

Strengthening the mechanisms of water management at local levels

Mental Well-being System for a Non-violent Thai Society

Promoting quality births and child growth for population development

NHA15- 2022

Household Economic Well-Being Advancement through the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy Model

Driving the Calories Credit Challenge (CCC) platform to integrate exercise and sport data under the BCG model

Income Security to Ensure the Desired Quality of Life at Old Age

NHA14 - 2021

Promotion of Sustainable Healthy Environment in COVID-19 Crisis

Protection of Equitable Access to Health Services by Specific Populations in Crises

Participatory Communication Management in Health Crises

NHA13 - 2020

Food Security in Crises

Participatory health crisis management for pandemics

NHA12 - 2019

Revision of National Health Assembly Resolution : Thailand ban asbestos measure

Gender Approach : Family Health Empowerment

Coalition fight cancer in community

Community-centered system management for becoming a Rational Drug Use country

NHA11 - 2018

Co-Creating Public Spaces for Healthy Cities towards Sustainable Development

E-Sports: Social Responsibility for Child Health

Health Literacy for NCDs Prevention and Management

Consumer Protection in Dental Services

NHA10 - 2017

Promotion of Physical Activity for Thai People at All Age Groups

Community-Based Approach to Drug Abuse Addiction

Development of Play Spaces to Enhance Well-being of Early Childhood and Primary Schoolchildren

Sustainable Participatory Community Waste Management

NHA9 - 2016

Managing and Developing Healthy Community and Urban Housing

Safe Drinking Water for the People

Promoting Early Childhood Wellbeing with a Participatory Integrated Approach

Area-based Combined Efforts for Mosquito Control

NHA8 - 2015

Wellbeing of Rice Farmers: Strengthening Networks of Farmer Organizations

Review of NHA Resolution on Management of Smog Haze Affecting Health

Urban Health Systems: Participatory development of health service systems

Policy on reduction of salt and sodium consumption to reduce NCDs

Crisis of antibacterial resistance and integrated problem solving

NHA7 - 2014

Policy development to integrate the mechanisms for protection of children, youth and family from risk factors

Development of health technology assessment and its decision-making process

Elimination of liver fluke (opisthorchiasis) and bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) in people

Management of steroid that threatens the health of the Thai population

Development of Thailand’s Global Health Strategies

NHA6 - 2013

Appropriate and necessary national health screening policy for the population

The Goals of Preventing and Controlling Non-Communicable Disease in Thailand

National Joint Strategic Plan on Community Health System

Strategic Plan for Tackling Illegal Advertisements of Drugs, Foods, and Health Products (2014-2018)

School Catering System Management

The Regulation of Media and Marketing Communication of Tobacco and Alcohol Products

Multi-sectoral Collaboration for “One Health” of Humans, Animals and Environment

Health Systems Reform under the Reform of Thailand

NHA5 - 2012

Supportive system and structure for walking and cycling in daily living

The 24-hour management of enabling environment for children: A case of Thai children and IT

Monks and building well-being

Food safety: solving problems from agricultural chemicals

Reform of environmental and health impact assessment system

Prevention and mitigation of health impact from biomass power plant

Management of smoke hazes that affecting health

Transforming health professions’ education in response to the current situation of the country

Coping with health impact from entering ASEAN community: a case of food and agricultural products

Mechanisms and Process of the Health Assembly

Fairness in Access to Health Services by Persons with Disabilities

NHA4 - 2011

Management of Illegal Advertisement of Drugs and Health Products On Community Radio, Cable TV, Satellite TV, and the Internet

Food Safety: Managing Reuse of Deteriorating Cooking Oil

Access to Occupational Health Services for Health and Safety of Workers in Industrial and Service Sectors

Management of Natural Disasters with Local Community as Centre

Sustainable Sub-Watershed Resources Management through Participatory Process of Networks and Partners in All Sectors

Management of the Problem of Suicide (Happiness in the mind leads to no suicide)

NHA3 - 2010

The protection of well-being and society from the impacts of free trade

Fairness in Access to Health Services by the Disabled

Control of Food Marketing Strategy for Infants and Young Children

Measures on Health Risk Factors particular on Tobacco Control

Solving the Problem of Unplanned Pregnancy in Thai Teenagers

Measures to make Thai society free from Asbestos

Medical Hub

Overcoming Crisis of Injustice for the Wellbeing of Thai Society Together

Policies to Support Self-Management Areas for Social Wellbeing

NHA2 - 2009

1. Development of Mechanisms to Enhance Participation for the Well-Being of Children, Youth, and Family

2. Emerging Infectious Diseases

3. Development of Long-term Care for Dependent Elderly People

4. Development of A Primary Health Care System to Facilitate the People’s Access to Quality Healthcare

5. All Sector Participatory Management of Hazardous Waste from Communities

6. Traditional Knowledge, Thai and Alternative Medicines/ Medical Treatments

7. Prevention of Road Accidents

8. Stopping Unethical Drug Promotion - To Prevent Economic Loss from Rising Healthcare Costs

9. Management of Overweight and Obesity

10. National Alcohol Policy Strategies

11. Sustainable Development Plan in Southern Area

12. Progress Report

NHA1 - 2008

1. Statute on the National Health System

2. Universal Access to Medicines

3. National Policy for Health System Development in Multi-Cultural Areas

4. Participation of the People’s Sector in Free Trade Agreement Policies

5. Agriculture and Food in the Era of Crisis

6. Strategies in Dealing with the Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Issue

7. The Role of Local Administration Organizations in the Management of Health, Natural Resources and the Environment

8. Equal Access to Basic Public Health Services

9. Creating Safe and Creative Media for Youth and Family: the Creative Media Fund-a Significant Channel for Transforming Dark Media to Clean Media

10. Sexual Health: Sexual Violence, Unplanned Pregnancy and Sex issues relating to Aids/ Sexually Transmitted Diseases

11. The System and Mechanism for Health Impact Assessment in Thai Society

12. Public Policy for the Wellbeing of Informal Sector Workers

14. Economic Crisis and Health Protection for Thai People

13. Promotion of Relationship between Patients and their Relatives and Medical Personnel

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