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Ministry of Interior and NHCO join hands to reduce the risks of public disasters

16 March 2017--

Policymakers of the Ministry of Interior and the National Health Commission Office (NHCO) are coordinating efforts to reduce the risks of public disasters.

Grisda Boonrach, permanent secretary for interior, and Dr. Poldej Pinprateep, secretary-general of the National Health Commission, co-chaired a meeting on public policies on public safety. Participants were NHCO executives and representatives of concerned organisations including the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and the Department of Local Administration.

Recent News

What happened in the 9th National Health Assembly Four missions towards ‘Thailand 4.0’

16 March 2017--

The 9th National Health Assembly was organised at the IMPACT Forum convention centre in Nonthaburi province on December 21-23, 2016. It was a platform for government agencies, academia, professions, private sector, civil society organizations and members of provincial health assemblies to share their views on local and common issues.

9th National Health Assembly to highlight four issues affecting quality of life nowadays

14 December 2016--

The 9th National Health Assembly raised four issues affecting overall life quality of the Thai people, namely water, shelters, Aedes mosquitos and preschool children, which will be on the agenda at this year-end meeting.

Four Health Organizations’ confidence on “people oriented health region” that can integrate actions for health at the local level

14 December 2016--

Four health organizations, namely MOPH, ThaiHealth, NHSO and NHCO, kick-off the “People-oriented Health Region”. The four organizations join forces with other sectors to solve prevailing health problems in each area, reaffirming that the 13 Health Regional Committees must be ready for action by next February.

Delegates from Bhutan interested HIA

23 September 2016--

Dr. Poldej Pinprateep, Secretary-General of Thailand’s National Health Commission together with Dr. Wiput Phoolcharoen and Dr. Dechrut  Sukkumnoed, Chairman and Vice Chairman of HIA Commission welcomed Dr.Ugen Dophu, Secretary of Health Ministry of Bhutan on 12 September 2016.


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