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Participatory Health Region

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Participatory Health Region


Thailand’s health system is a pluralistic system involving with many organizations namely ministry of public health, ministry of interior, organizations with their own acts, local administrative organizations, NGOs, Civil Societies and communities.

For the better population’s health, an integration of the work from these organizations is necessity. Consequently, the Cabinet approved the ministerial regulation to set up the Participatory Health Region on 4th October 2016 and announced it in the Royal Gazette on 12th October 2016.


The Participatory Health Region is divided in to 12 groups of provinces plus Bangkok, totally 13 regions. These regions are in line with the regions managed by Ministry of Public Health and that managed by National Health Security Office. The objective of the Participatory Health Region is to drive the health system reform into action with a focus of integration of involved organizations and participation of multisectors. The Participatory Health Region hope to reach health needs of people, families and communities.

The Participatory Health Region Committee of each region is now in place with a -4-year term. The committee has 45 – 46 members consisting of representatives from government organizations, professionals and resource persons, private sector and civil societies. The secretariat of the committee is a joint secretariat comprising National Health Commission Office, Ministry of Public Health, National Health Security Office and Thai Health Promotion Foundation. For Bangkok, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is included in the joint secretariat.