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NHA 15 – 2022

NHCO / NHA 15 – 2022

15th  National Health Assembly

20th – 21st  December 2022 via hybrid assembly, Thailand

The NHA Organizing Committee decides to convene the 15th National Health Assembly (NHA 15) from 20th – 21st December 2022 under the theme Health Equity: Opportunity and Hope of Thailand. In the light of  COVID-19 pandemic and new normal lifestyle, the assembly is held in a hybrid form both on-site and on-line.

The Progress of 4 Resolutions to be reported at NHA 15.

  • NHA 8.4 : Policy on reduction of salt and sodium consumption to reduce NCDs
  • NHA 9.2 : Managing and Developing Healthy Community and Urban Housing
  • NHA 11.1 Co-Creating Public Spaces for Healthy Cities towards Sustainable Development
  • NHA 12.2 Gender Approach: Family Health Empowerment

What’s New in NHA 15-16

Thailand’s National Health Assembly have transformed itself for better performance.  The changes in NHA are summarized herewith.

  1. Policy Champion:  To select NHA agenda items which focus on the national agendas and along with having national agencies responsible for those agendas.
  2. Applied Issue-based Health Assembly: To co-create and co-initiate resolutions with strong evidence based and to identify main organizations driving NHA resolutions.  
  3. Incorporate with Provincial Health Assembly: To make a linkage of upstream and downstream policy processes and to access feasibility of implementing NHA resolution into action.
  4. 2-year period for Technical Preparation: Make a technical preparation for agenda items in a 2-year period.
  5. Reporting and Knowledge Exchange: Give more importance to report and exchange the progress of the resolutions through side events. These side events will enable space for networking among various stakeholders.

Where NHA Resolutions go

After a consensus-based adoption of the resolutions at the assembly, all resolutions are submitted to the National Health Commission which is chaired by the Prime Minister for consideration and action. If necessary, the resolutions are further submitted to the Cabinet. In parallel, the resolutions go to the NHA Resolution Follow-up Committee that has a duty to strategize implementation of the resolutions.


Household Economic Well-Being Advancement through the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy Model

Driving the Calories Credit Challenge (CCC) platform to integrate exercise and sport data under the BCG model

Income Security to Ensure the Desired Quality of Life at Old Age

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