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Vision & Mission

NHCO / Vision & Mission

Thailand National Health Commission Office (NHCO) is an autonomous government agency established under the National Health Act in 2007. We work with the motto Synergy for Wellbeing. Hence, a participatory public policy process based on wisdom (4P-W) is the heart of our work.


The national health system is developed by a participatory public policy process based on wisdom (4P-W)

02Our Strategy

NHCO adopts a “Triangle that Moves the Mountain” strategy which trilateral synergy of political power, knowledge power and civil power holds the key to success, with the ambitious aim of integrating them into collaborative efforts to achieve


  • Recommending policies and strategies for health to a cabinet including monitoring the implementation.
  • Facilitating the participatory process of public policies development with the aim to build healthy public policies and participatory democracy.
  • Developing the National Health System Charter so as to set framework for the health-related policies and strategies.
  • Convening National Health Assembly and supporting Area-based Health Assembly and Issue-based Health Assembly to be convened in order to provide a platform for stakeholders across different sectors at all levels to play a role in policy making.
  • Promoting Health Impact Assessment as a tool to make public policies takes health imperatives into consideration.
  • Advocating rights to health as stipulated in the National Health Act.