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11/07/08 : Community of Good Deed Emerged

NHCO / Story of the Month  / 11/07/08 : Community of Good Deed Emerged

How to empower many good deeds scattering around Thailand, so that to make an impact to the society. This question provokes National Health Commission Office to drive Humanized Thailand Strategy.

National Health Commission Office invited 8 organizations to host the 4th Humanized Thailand forum, a space that stories of good deeds are exchanged, acclaimed and duplicated. The other 8 organizations embrace independent agencies, bank, business company and government agencies namely Nation Health Security Office, the Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Siam Commercial Foundation, Sodsri-Saridwongsa Foundation, Moral Center, Rakluke Group and Primary Health Care Division under the Ministry of Public Health. These agencies support individual persons, families, communities, civil based organizations and local governments to implement project/programme on enhancing well-being.

Prof. Prawase Wasi, the respectful senior citizen, said on the forum that the world today is disordered. We need to heal the world by doing good deeds. It is strange that good deeds are not media attention. Media prefer to present stories of separation and brutality as it says bad news publishes free, but good news need to pay. “Taiwan has a television channel, Da-Ai, contributing to good and initiative deeds, although little stories. It is on air all day. Ones, who watch it, are happy to see the other doing good. This channel draws hope of the society that we can make it better”, explained Prof. Prawase. The secretary-general of NHCO, Dr. Amphon Jindawattana, supplemented that the opportunity to present good deeds is missing in our society because violence can be sold in capitalism.