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17/04/08 : Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS)

NHCO / Story of the Month  / 17/04/08 : Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS)

Local Communities together with National Health Commission Office met with Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) for future local people owned TV programme.       National Health Commission Office organized a meeting for Local Communities to meet Thai PBS on Thursday 17th April 2008 at Richmond Hotel, Nonthaburi to discuss the feasibility on providing airtime for local people as a public space to publicize their activities towards healthy society.

Community participation on formulating public policy needs various means of communication among each other. Meanwhile there are a lot of cases to be example for them to share and learn. Interactive responses are much needed to amplify lessons they have learned and then imply to their situation.       The appropriate development would be expected to emerge from learning process. It is to believe that such kind of public space could be provided by television broadcasting. Production house should also realize this concept. So during this meeting they joined the discussion. Hopefully the best television programme that supports this idea could be produced accordingly. Source: National Health Commission Office, Thailand 17/04/2008