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Department of Medical Services is drafting checkup guidelines

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Suggestions for regular checkups are medical advice. Checkup packages are advertised but their prices are quite expensive. Besides, most packages are unnecessarily large. People do not know how much their proper checkups should cover at different stages of their life because there has not been any standard advice on the matter.

Today checkups sometimes cost more than examinations and diagnoses. For example, a private hospital charges a client as much as 15,000 baht for a heart checkup package. At a public hospital, a heart examination costs some 1,000 baht only. Checkups should both be scheduled for age ranges and occur when there is an unpleasant symptom.

Therefore, a committee on proper checkups of the Department of Medical Services takes the lead in drawing up guidelines on proper checkups for people. It works together with organizations of professionals, academic institutions and relevant organizations.

Dr Supan Srithamma, director-general of the department and chairman of the committee, said that his panel already developed guidelines on proper and essential checkups for people in compliance with the resolution of the 6th National Health Assembly on the “policy on essential and proper medical checkups for people.” The guidelines will be communicated to people in the form of a handbook and implemented initially at hospitals under the jurisdiction of the Department of Medical Services. The Ministry of Public Health will set up checkup systems for three main health funds namely the National Health Security Fund, the Social Security Fund and the Medical Benefit Fund for civil servants.

The handbook addresses three groups of people categorized by their age rang