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1st National Health Assembly

NHCO / 1st National Health Assembly
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All partners in the 178 constituencies were requested to propose specific agenda to be discussed in the NHA. In this first NHA, there were 68 proposals from 50 organizations, and the NHAOC regrouped those similar proposals as well as prioritize into 14 agenda items to be deliberated at the NHA. Some of the agenda items were proposed by non-health sector, and many others by the civil society organizations. For example, the agenda item on ‘equitable access to essential health care’ was proposed by ‘The Ministry of Justice’.

On the session to approve the agenda during the NHA, 10 or more constituencies may move to propose additional agenda. If agrees, it will be added to the 14 agenda items. Those agenda items that are not included in the 2008 NHA may be considered in the next NHA.


1. Statute on the National Health System

2. Universal Access to Medicines

3. National Policy for Health System Development in Multi-Cultural Areas

4. Participation of the People’s Sector in Free Trade Agreement Policies

5. Agriculture and Food in the Era of Crisis

6. Strategies in Dealing with the Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Issue

7. The Role of Local Administration Organizations in the Management of Health, Natural Resources and the Environment

8. Equal Access to Basic Public Health Services

9. Creating Safe and Creative Media for Youth and Family: the Creative Media Fund-a Significant Channel for Transforming Dark Media to Clean Media

10. Sexual Health: Sexual Violence, Unplanned Pregnancy and Sex issues relating to Aids/ Sexually Transmitted Diseases

11. The System and Mechanism for Health Impact Assessment in Thai Society

12. Public Policy for the Wellbeing of Informal Sector Workers

13. Promotion of Relationship between Patients and their Relatives and Medical Personnel

14. Economic Crisis and Health Protection for Thai People