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Commission to raise awareness of living wills

30 June 2015--
The National Health Commission Office (NHCO) is planning to raise public awareness about terminal patients' right to die, after the Supreme Administrative Court recently endorsed the legitimacy of "living wills".
Recent News

Overpriced medical care could bring down Thai health system

30 June 2015--

THOUSANDS of Thai patients are checking out of private hospitals with hefty bills - creating many doubters who blame the "medical tourism policy" which attracts a growing number of patients from higher-income nations.

Healthcare shift 'raised awareness on democracy'

30 June 2015--

In the three-day forum titled "Health System and Democratic Conscious Reform", more than 1,000 representatives of public and private sectors discussed topics related to health systems reform and participatory democracy.

NHC has the health minister to push for the implementation of resolutions from the National Health Assembly

28 May 2015--

The National Health Commission (NHC) is concerned about the lack of progress in some resolutions of the National Health Assembly (NHA). Therefore, it decided to appoint the minister of public health to be the chair of on NHA Resolutions Drive and Follow-up to coordinate the implementation of such resolutions with concerned organizations and parties.

NHCO’s grand technical conference in June will mark its 9th anniversary and reform health systems to improve the life of Thai people

28 May 2015--

Dr Mongkol said the reform of Thai health systems would encourage people to push for the public policies that meet their needs. The academic conference to mark the 9th anniversary of the National Health Commission Office (NHCO) from June 10 to 12 will see the exchange of lessons that will empower citizens to cope with future threats and inequity.


National Health Act

Thailand’s Rules and Procedures for Health Impact Assessment

Ministerial Regulation on Implementing a Living Will

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