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Thailand should not rush into TPP, consumers should not be ignored in favor of traders

26 August 2016--

The Thai government should not rush into joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and a trade agreement should not only benefit businesspeople but also be fair to consumers, warned Supachai Panitchpakdi.

Recent News

Voluntary health assessments a good way to defuse conflicts: NHC

26 August 2016--

   SUCCESSFUL examples of implementing the new health impact assessment (HIA) procedures in Lamphun have shown it is a good tool for encouraging people to find the truth and reduce conflict over development projects, the National Health Commission (NHC) has said.

The Bitter Truth About Sweet

26 August 2016--

Recent study shows Thais are hooked on sugar, which could lead to long-term health concerns. It's widely accepted fact that Thailand is a nation whose population truly have a sweet tooth. Considering common dietary guidelines for daily sugar intake

90% of online health posts are untrue while doctors and patients are disputing on the net

26 August 2016--

A doctor who runs a well-known online page has pointed out that as much as 90% of online health-related posts give false information. Many Thai people infringe on others’ rights on the internet. Doctors and patients have uneasy relationships as they are blaming one another via social media.

National Health Commission introduced new HIA rules to reduce conflicts on health impacts

03 June 2016--

The National Health Commission endorsed a new set of regulations and procedures for health impact assessment (HIA), which allows concerned organizations to apply them by themselves that creates participation and reduces conflicts in the society.


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