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6th National Health Assembly

NHCO / 6th National Health Assembly
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6th National Health Assembly
17 – 18 June 2014
IMPACT Arena, Exhibition and Conventional Hall Nonthaburi, Thailand

Stipulated under the National Health Act 2007, health assembly is the process of developing and driving healthy public policy into action.  Health assembly strengthens health promotion action on building healthy public policy identified in the Ottawa Charter and stimulates participatory democracy specified in the Constitution of Kingdom of Thailand.

The National Health Assembly (NHA) is therefore a year-round policy process, not a one-time event.   The constituencies of NHA – government sector, academia and people sector – take part in the policy process from agenda setting to implementing. Consensus based resolutions

In 2013, 40 policy issues are submitted by 38 organizations/networks to the National Health Assembly Organizing Committee (NHAOC). The NHAOC considered and finalized the proposed policy issues with the following criteria.

1. Importance of the issue
2. Magnitude of the problem
3. Public interest
4. Feasibility of the policy issue to drive into policy or action

NHA2013 has 8 agenda items to be discussed this year.

1. National Strategy on Community Health System
2. National Strategy on Illegal Marketing on Drugs, Foods and Health Products through Radio and Television Broadcasting as well as Internet
3. School Catering System
4. Policy on Necessary and Appropriate Medical Check-up
5. Regulation of Mass Media in Relation to Tobacco and Alcohol Business
6. Framework for Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation on National Non Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
7. Multidisciplinary Collaboration on Health Care for Human, Animal and Environment towards Sustainable Well-being (One Health)
8. Review of National Health Assembly Resolutions Prevention of Health and Social Impacts from FTA

10  Passed Resolutions will be reported the progress of their implementation.

NHA 2008 resolution to be reported

1. National Policy for Health System Development in Multi-Cultural Areas

NHA 2010 resolution to be reported

2. Prevention of impacts from free trade agreement to the well-being and the society

NHA 2011 resolutions to be reported

3. Management of the problem of suicide
4. Management of the natural disasters with local community as centre
5. Sustainable sub-watershed resources management through participatory process of networks and partners in all sectors

NHA 2012 resolutions to be reported

6. Food safety : solving problems from agricultural community
7. Coping with health impact from entering ASEAN community: a case of food and agricultural products
8. Reform of environmental and health impact assessment system
9. The 24-hour management of enabling environment for children: a  case of Thai children and IT
10.  Mechanisms and process of the health assembly


17 June 2014


Appropriate and necessary national health screening policy for the population

The Goals of Preventing and Controlling Non-Communicable Disease in Thailand

National Joint Strategic Plan on Community Health System

Strategic Plan for Tackling Illegal Advertisements of Drugs, Foods, and Health Products (2014-2018)

School Catering System Management

The Regulation of Media and Marketing Communication of Tobacco and Alcohol Products

Multi-sectoral Collaboration for “One Health” of Humans, Animals and Environment

Health Systems Reform under the Reform of Thailand

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